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Bradley D. Brown has an extensive background in technology and is data guy at heart. He has started a number of success technology companies that range from professional services to software as a service to platform as a service businesses. Brad was the CEO, President and Founder of InteliVideo, a video monetization platform that helps marketers of intellectual property monetize their content using its proprietary online platform. Brad built a residential real estate automated valuation firm, IntelliReal that was acquired by Equifax in 2011, an Oracle professional services firm, TUSC that was acquired by Rolta in 2008, and has had roles as Startup CTO of Enhanced Recovery, Independent Nation, Open Access Broadband Networks, and EventConnex. He has served on the boards of YPO (Colorado Chapter), Enscicon, Reglara, Geekcruises, and Colorado Uplift. Brad is the author of six books on technology.
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So many years of experience I'd rather not say how old I am.

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